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seriousness with the right people at the table that we needed and thought we had as the speaker indicated. we're going to get it resolved. >> you can't do this on your own and it will take a bipartisan vote. now you are waiting on the president. how are you going to work together to get something done? >> we have worked together to try to avoid this. senator reid and senator mcconnell and i had a solid agreement last sunday. it was the president who derailed that agreement. it's time for the president to tell us what he is for. it's time for the president to outline out we get out of this cul-de-sac that he has driven us in to. >> could i just add -- i could just add, i think we all know if
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the president decides to reach an agreement with us that democrats, most of them, will fall in line. he is the leader of the democratic party. he is the president of the united states. he needs to indicate what we should sign. we are in those discussions now. >> i'm not going to put it in nur deadlines, it should be clear to you that senator mcconnell and i believe we're going to be able to come to some agreement to end this crisis as soon as possible. thank you. >> gregg: so the two republican leaders on capitol hill holding a brief news conference. the boehner plan passed in the house and failed in the senate and reid plan was doomed in both
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houses but the speaker of the house demonstrating anger. mr. president, where is your plan? it's time to step forward. hello, i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to america's news headquarters. >> heather: i'm heather childers. dramatic new developments in the debt show down in the nation's capitol. mike is live on capitol hill. first, what is happening right now on the debt issue? >> listening to the two republican leaders of the congress speaking just moments ago. you get the sense that leaders in congress recognize the time for messing with the other parties, killing the other proposal is over. what i've heard from republican officials privately, you just heard from that news conference which is they were frustrated because they felt lining they were negotiating all last weekend in good faith. they were pretty much at a deal when the president said, i don't like the deal. the democrats backed away. so some of the republicans are
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saying, we don't want to go through that again. negotiate all weekend here in congress only to have the white house step in at the last second and say, that is not good enough. at this hour, at the white house right now you've got nancy pelosi, democratic leader in the house and the senate majority leader harry reid making with the president. you heard republican leaders they've been on the phone with the president and vice president within the last hour. finally, you hear a sense of confidence, not just saying we're going to get it done but actually saying we're close to getting it done. it's important to note that the reid and boehner proposal were not that far off. yes, there were some things that particular parties like, but a lot of principles were similar. the question has been what are you going to do in terms of essentially making sure that congress gets back to the table in six months to negotiate more
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cuts. they are supposed to come together and look at how they can cut spending in other ways to save more money because we have such a horrible debt problem. their concern of this gridlock to capitol hill, what is it going to be luke in six months. they are having trigger mechanisms to make sure that congress does its work. a very fluid situation but republican members have been engaged with the white house and they are going to get a deal. everybody realizes it's go time. >> gregg: the triggers have to be fair. in other words, it has to be trigger that benefits republicans' positions as well as democrats'. >> reporter: i was with a group with chuck schumer and republicans want the triggers to be spending cuts. we're going cut spending. he said that gets us to the
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table but what gets the republicans to the table if they are not negotiating in good faith, is tax increases. so the democrats say we're going to have cuts, taxes have to be on the table. that has been the big stumbling block because republicans we're not interested in lacing taxes, no way. it will be interesting to see how they get that back to make those trig teors get all the parties at the table. >> gregg: very busy saturday on capitol hill. >> heather: so the question is what happens if no debt deal is reached. many analysts say we don't know the true effects. it is uncharted territory. here are some possibilities. you will see higher interest rates and pay more immediately on credit card debt. home and car loan rates, those will rise. stock market could plunge
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costing you dealer. the u.s. dollar would almost certainly plummet on the world market raising the prices that we pay for imported products. we could see a state funding crisis as well if the federal government can't fork over aid to the states they will have to fund their massive budgets and federal funds for student loans would freeze, billions would not be paid. >> gregg: so critics are questioning where the president is in all of this. that was what speaker barren was sailing. president obama urged lawmakers to put aside their differences and get the job done. meanwhile, his job approval average slipping to an all-time low, 40% according to gallup. as june 7, 50% approved.
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shane, good to see you, unemployment, 9.2%. gdp is stagnant. first quarter was downgraded .4% and now a double-dip recession fully looks possible. people are talking about that especially on wall street. is it the debt ceiling debacle or agra get that is driving the president's negative numbers? >> the agregg gat has a lot to do with it. but over the last week, there is no coincidence the president's numbers have dipped in the tracking. that coin soons sides with him not being front and center in these debt ceiling negotiations. i think what just happened in the past half-hour is obviously a significant development where you've got the speaker of the house and republican leader of the senate essentially saying
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they are engaged with the white house. they are talking with the white house within just the past hour. there now appears to be a great deal of confidence. we haven't seen this kind of confidence from folks on the hill, i haven't seen it in a week and a half. this is a very significant development and president obama is clearly reengaged in coming to this compromise. >> there is nothing like fear that concentrates the mind. sit the fear, republicans fear they are going to get hammered. democrats fear the same thing and that is finally forcing them? >> yeah, i mean there is a great deal of fear. there is plenty to go around on capitol hill particularly the white house. go back to candidate obama on the 2008 campaign trail. his message i'm going to fix broken washington. over the past few months, i don't know we've seen washington look more broken in decades.
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>> gregg: right. >> as some long time observers have suggested. it's so critical for the president heading into 2012 to show leadership now at this particular moment but regardless of what the xroems compromise is reached, the president has to be the one that is going to be front and center because it's critical to november of 2012 for him. >> gregg: he is the head of government and he would be the first to get blamed. his press secretary is getting bludgeoned by the press corps, who is asking where is the president's plan. its constant question especially since speaker boehner who says he had a deal with the president and thin reneged. >> i stuck my neck out a mile. i put revenues on the table in order to try to come to an agreement to avert us being where we are. this house has acted.
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it is time for the administration and time for our colleagues across the aisle, put something on the table. tell us where you are! >> i've never seen him like that. >> gregg: i was surprised to see john harwood calling the president as a bystander in all of this. is there a ser accepting that the president is disengaged? >> i think that perception has been there, but on the part of the administration it was more by design. they looked at what was happening in terms of the potential for compromise, particularly in the senate between harry reid and mitch mcconnell the administration thought there was potential there. they were going to let it play out. speaker boehner had a tough week himself in getting his caucus eventually together for this vote. i think now it is clear from
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what we've seen the last 20 minutes the white house is now back at the table in a big way. we could be closer. >> gregg: to be fair here, i have been looking at polls, independent voters are siding with the president's approach crediting democrats with a greater willingness to compromise. this could prove calamitous for republicans, couldn't it? >> it certainly could. i think the white house is very well aware of those numbers. i think everything you've heard from president obama and the administration reflects that awareness particularly with those numbers. clearly his remarks about coming together, finding a compromise in the best interests of the american people is directly aimed at those independent voters, those folks still moving in the direction of democrats and the white house and some of those polls. >> gregg: shane, good to see you.
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>> heather: from the storm on chilly to tropical storm in don. in texas, suffering one of the worst droughts. rains doing little to help. casey stegall is live in corpus christi, texas. what is the reaction there? >> reporter: i have to say a lot of people are pretty bummed. it sounds unusual when people are looking forward to a tropical storm headed their way. folks here in texas sure were because the winds were supposed to be low. this was primarily suppose to be a rain event but alas, lost a lot of steam as it approached last night. it broke into a cluster of storms and it merely drizzled. they say the moisture does not even put a dent in the extreme drought conditions here. in fact it was so uneventful
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that most texans didn't even know it hit. >> the calm before the storm is over. it's over. >> the storms really over? >> reporter: i like that. reporter had to inform him that it will h come through. there is another tropical storm brewing out in the atlantic. now people of this state are looking to that to bring them that much needed moisture. >> heather: looks like a nice day out there on the beach. how seriously are the severe drought conditions? >> reporter: they are very serious. to put this in perspective, rainfall totals in the state of texas, 89 inches below average. that is quite significant and the u.s. drought monitor says that 94% of the ranges and pastures in the lone star state are in poor condition. this part of the country has
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been in the grips of the heat wave which has also not helped the situational. look at that satellite image from nasa. all of the brown that you see, that is dead vegetation. farmers here have lost about 30% or more of their crop in this year alone so the situation is quite dire. a lot of people were looking forward to tropical storm don hoping it will bring rain. we'll have wait until another system comes through here. >> gregg: livestock has been lost. it's been devastating for people of texas. shocking information in the norway massacre just ahead. what police are saying he told them. >> and freedom for two american hikers, why their attorney are optimistic about their chances in coming home. >> and democratic congressman
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they will talking about a food fight over the debt ceiling. could both parties put politics aside and reach a deal? >> it's time to be adults, it's time to come together and compromise. that is what the american people want. >> he keeps killing the measures that we send over and threatening to do the same that we will send over today. harry reid can't have it both ways. [ male announcer ] it's a fact: your nutritional needs can go up when you're on the road to recovery. proper nutrition can help you get back on your feet. three out of four doctors recommend the ensure brand for extra nutrition. ensure clinical strength has revigor and thirteen grams of protein to protect, preserve, and promote muscle health. and immune balance to help support your immune system. ensure clinical strength... helping you to bounce back. ensure!
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only $99.99.
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>> heather: fox news alert. president obama meeting with harry reid and nancy pelosi at the white house right now for an update on the debt limit debate. meanwhile, republican leaders
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moments ago now saying that they are confident that a deal will get done. here now, new york congressman, paul tonka on is a member of the house budget committee. the obvious question, what do you make of what has happened today and do you think a deal can be made and can it be made in time? >> right. i remain optimistic we can resolve this. we have wasted a week. we have lost $400 billion in the stock market and that is greater than five years of savings under any of these plans. the time to resolve and build consensus is now. i would remind everyone that the constitution that guides us, the beginning of our humble democracy required compromise. so framework begin in our government days with compromising. you can't have it all your way.
4:20 pm
we have shown that some compromise is coming but others are rigid and extreme. >> heather: let's talk specifically how we do that. from what i understand it's boiling down to two things. democrats want a long term response to the nation's debt problem to keep medicare and social security intact. republicans wanted spending cuts dollar for dollar, no tax increases. where do you see room for compromise? >> you just pointed out interesting dynamics. they want dollar for dollar cuts for increase authorized in the debt ceiling. they got that in reid plan. they can't take yes for an answer. when you talk a long sterm strategy or they claim democrats want, i'll use their own words, they were calling in june for a long term solution because it was the only acceptable outcome because of the impact on confidence on the economy. we're sues go their own advice. their own challenge to the
4:21 pm
process. we want a long term solution. that is what they demanded weeks ago. now, they are willing to kick the can down the road with just a short term solution that does not build confidence in our economy. >> heather: we've got to stop using that phrase, recycle the can. >> a hybrid of various proposals. there has been talk about raising the debt ceiling in two stages. one featuring boehner's bill, second increase would occur if the president sends a request to congress. is that something that is still possible, something you would support? >> it could be. i think the beauty of reid plan that was rected by the majority of the house of representatives. it prevented the impact the end of medicare. the end of social security. you know, the president encouraged constituents to call
4:22 pm
their individual congressional rep. we have received volumes of communication, it was heightened with the president's challenge. neither one is f not greater was the response from the district i represent which is a microcosm i believe of america. they want to save some of these programs and want balance. they want people to pay their fair share and also remind us the biggest crisis is a jobs' crisis. if we don't do it correctly, the economic default will impact every household across this country regardless of economic strata. we have to respond to favorably. >> heather: finally, how concerned are you and other legislators in terms of your constituents in the upcoming election. do you believe on both sides because it's been such a calamity. how will it affect you in the
4:23 pm
coming election? >> i don't think we need to worry about polls or reelection. what is most important is the american economy. it will impact this country in ways that are untold for decades to come. it shouldn't be about our salvation or self-survival in the political process. we need to do what right. we need to go forward and compromise. when those were out there with public statements in the house of representatives or on the hill in washington calling for the defeat of proposals, any proposals offered by the president, that tells me one thing. urgency or the priority is to bring down a president rather than build up a nation. we have to get our priorities right. it's about responding to the needs of america. this is about all of us. the divisiveness has to stop. it's a jobs crisis and default that is bringing to us the cliff and our economy cannot endure
4:24 pm
that kind of behavior. adult moment called for require compromise. we have compromised. we gave up revenues in this plan. regrettably, i'm not satisfied with that but we've come to compromise. when you are the speaker of the house, speaker of the republicans and democrats and extreme end of the tea party caucus. >> heather: tea party is not too happy with barren so i think he is trying to compromise. we'll see what happens. this is about the american people and getting the job done. thank you so much for joining us. >> gregg: new word that casey anthony will be heading back to court. she is not out of trouble yet. details on her new legal troubles. >> and new findings in the security situation in iraq, new concerns how quickly american troops leave that country.
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[ gun shots ]
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>> heather: time for the top of news, norway terror suspect telling police that he planned to carry it on more attacks. bombing in oslo and shooting massacre killed 77 people. >> gregg: f.b.i. offering a $25,000 reward for any information leading to the return of 11-year-old salina. she was last seen in a nhd home monday night. >> u.s. troops are worried they won't get paid if washington doesn't reach a deal in time. >> gregg: fox news alert. we have momentum in the white house on the debt limit debate.
4:29 pm
molly henneberg is live at the white house. what is the latest? molly, are you there? gregg jarrett, what is the latest at the white house? we've lost molly's mic. we'll try to get it back. here is the latest we foe of. nancy pelosi, harry reid are apparently in close contact now with the white house, president obama. they are trying to search for some sort of a compromise deal. as you know the boehner plan passed the house and it was defeated in the senate and harry reid's plan also appears to be doomed in the u.s. senate. he does not have the 60 necessary votes for passing and dead in the house of representatives. president obama is apparently involved in the talks now trying to tether some sort of deal that will satisfy both democrats and
4:30 pm
republicans. molly henneberg is live at the white house. what can you tell us about what is going on there? >> molly: the president had no public events on his schedule for today but we have learned that he did some summon harry reid and nancy pelosi to the white house about 3:30 this afternoon. we understand they are still meeting. he wanted an update on the negotiations on the hill. he wanted to see reid and pelosi face to face. we don't have cameras in there. it's possible they will come out to face our camera but likely they will go back to the hill and make a statement there. gregg, we've also learned that the president spoke by phone with mitch mcconnell and mcconnell emerged saying that, quote ee, he is very confident we can get an agreement done. he doesn't think the u.s. will go in default and negotiations between the republicans and at
4:31 pm
least senator mcconnell and president obama have reached a new level of seriousness. the devil is in the details. we don't know what the signs are and what house republicans will think that. speaker boehner is top leader in the house said at the same press conference he is waiting to hear from the president and what is the president willing to negotiate on. so we'll wait and see if there is an agreement and what the details are and see if all sides can agree to it. >> gregg: molly henneberg live at the white house. thanks very much. >> heather: high profile court battle in italy as amanda knox appeals a murder conviction.
4:32 pm
court appointed oaks perts slamming dna evidence used in the trial specifically the knife that prosecutors believed to be the murder weapon. the original investigation found that her dna was on the handle and kuchers on the blade but they say the knife was not properly sealed and insufficient dna evidence to be used at trial. >> new legal troubles for casey anthony. they say they want to reimbursements from the 25-year-old for fees associated with the cost and search and investigation in her murder trial. anthony who was acquitted in the death of her two-year-old daughter was found guilty of lying to detectives and leaked them astray babbling in 2008. >> gregg: new hope that two american hikers in held in iran will soon be free. an attorney for them says the timing of an upcoming court hearing indicates they could be
4:33 pm
freed. muslim world traditionally pardons some prisoners during the holy month of ramaden. they were detained along the border between iran and iraq. shourd was released last on year on half a million dollars bail. >> shocking concerns about iran's ties to al-qaeda. the united states now accusing iran of making a secret deal with the terrorist network claiming it is helping al-qaeda move money and fighters in to pakistan and afghanistan. here now, a spokesman for four u.s. ambassadors. thanks for being with us. we known about their support of terror groups throughout the years, hezbollah and others but what about al-qaeda is this is the first time we've had solid evidence? >> it's actually not the first time. the four individuals that were
4:34 pm
designated in 2009. don't forget that the 9/11 commission report called out this phenomenon, said that al-qaeda and iran are working together. i think thursday's announcement is good news. we should congratulate david cohenfor making this announcement and pushing through this decision. i'm sure it was very difficult. the state department under secretary clinton has not been so forth right. hopefully by designating the six individuals that we can move the diplomacy and force a lost these countries that are protecting terrorists by not enforcing banking laws. certainly the u.n. has asked them to enforce banking laws. >> gregg: i'm glad you brought up the united nations. when it comes to fighting terrorism is the united nations really an effectless
4:35 pm
organization? >> it's proven so recently and haven't seen a ton of proof they have been successful. they talk a tough game. this is part of the problem i have with susan wright. she talked tough about what she can do to have the world follow our lead and priorities during the campaign but has since not really delivered much. if you are going to go to the united nations you need to get comfortable with not being the not being the most popular person in the room. the designation, it's perfect example when we designate six individuals as terrorists and we want to freeze their assets, we say to other countries, you should follow suit. you should freeze their assets and freeze associate's assets and do everything you can do to stop their financial network. the problem is you have to
4:36 pm
cajole and push and demand that our allies and other countries do this. if they don't follow up the finances are slipped through in cue water or other places throughout europe. you have to demand that these other countries change their domestic laws to stop the finances. >> gregg: there is a report out by inspector general that iraq is more dangerous than a year ago. we're about to leave iraq, unless we are asked to stay beyond december. is that just going to make matters worse? >> i think it will make matters worse. it's a great point. as we take troops out of afghanistan in iraq. they are seeing this as an opportunity to flex its muscle in the region. that is why we have to get tough with syrian. if we could support the syrian opposition to push in as is sad
4:37 pm
government it sends a powerful message to iran, as we decrease our forces in afghanistan and iraq, they will not having supporters in the neighborhood. that is clearly what iran is doing right now, is looking for ways to take up the vacuum of leadership that is decreasing every single day because american troops are leaving iraq and afghanistan. >> heather: customers kicked out before they can get in the door. a restaurant consider closing their doors to children. major developments today in the battle of the raising our nation's debt limit. we'll have late breaking details and ask our power panel if they should face consequences for their partisan ways. >> it's threaten to undermine the economy, we need to get policy concessions they would
4:38 pm
never have been able to do it through legislation. >> once again, i would ask my good friend, let us vote on his ledges. >> legislation. let's get this irresponsible bill up for a vote. naturals from delicious, real ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservatives. naturals from purina cat chow. share a better life.
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house of representatives is still trying to pass a bill that the majority of republicans and democrats in the senate have already said they won't vote for. >> i have worked with the president and the administration since the beginning of this year to avoid being in this spot. i have offered ideas. i've negotiated. >> the extremism, they are not satisfied with a vote on it. they want a guarantee that it
4:42 pm
will pass before they will allow an extension of a debt limit. how bizarre can anyone be? >> our democratic friends have offered no solution to the crisis that could pass either chamber. >> this will be the second bill september over to the senate. not one piece of legislation that deals with this. >> that is a look what has been going on. a major movement in the debt limit debate just within the past hour. republican leaders are saying they are confident a deal will get done. democratic leaders, but the clock is still ticking. we are days away from a deadline. will there be any consequences for lawmakers if a deal is not reached. let's bring our power panel. former president of women's media center. ellen, also a fox news
4:43 pm
contributor and. >> thanks for joining us. what a day in washington. to call it a working weekend to say the least. back and forth. do we really believe there is an end in sight. >> there is an end in sight. self-preservation is first law of nature. what alan simpson said, it's not about republicans, it's not about democrats, it's about money and the american people are suffering. in 2012, americans are going to remember this and they are going to vote. >> another thing that they said, tea party leadership was about patriotism. are there are going to be consequences? huge consequences for republicans but after john boehner's performance. his performance was over the top. >> as a tea party supporter and i talk to tea party members they believe they are standing on
4:44 pm
principles. working in washington, d.c. you have to compromise. >> until i heard the republicans say there was going to be deal i thought they were so rigid, but i'm glad there is going to be a deal because i think they realize if there is no deal, throw the bums out. >> harris: it's not the first time they --. >> heather: i want if they believe they have been listening anymore. >> i think people we're engaged and they learning a lot and how things work in capitol hill. >> things are not working primarily because of people who want to say take it or leave it. people that are not willing to compromise. we're hearing from compromise from some of the republican
4:45 pm
leadership. >> they are saying wait a minute. compromise or take it or leave it. >> we all have something to adhere. the bottom line, obama ran on the fact that he would change washington, d.c. it's got to work. there is nor to do. >> i'm not blaming it on them. >> you can't blame it on either. but what is right if we go through in this in december, it will be a disaster. it's got to continue another some point, at least a year. >> that is what tea partiers want. they want to end this thing. so we don't have to go through this in december or september. >> but revenues does not mean taxes. look at all the things we subsidize, sugar. >> cut spending. >> it's both. >> cut spending and raising revenue.
4:46 pm
>> and i'm with you guys on that. >> tea party leadership is not. >> you know what, it's about grassroots and the tea party does not make up the senate and tea party does not make up house. >> i don't think it's true what we heard the congressman say moments ago, he said that cairn is catering to the tea party. it's clear that he is not because we're in this situation where people.... >> instead of the leader he was led by them and he caved to them. >> tea party is so strong and when i spoke to them, any member that voted to raise the debt ceiling. >> woe voted you in 2010 and we're going to vote you out in 2012. >> they're not going to have that power because the independents, important voting. they went with republicans in 2010 and supported some of them but they are done.
4:47 pm
>> heather: speaking of the tea party, let's talk about michele bachmann, she was quoted as saying, did not answer questions about family business or finance. should personal finances really be off-limits in politics. this is very interesting. >> i ran? mississippi. we were one of poorest states in the union, district one. >> i get the same thing. it's not about my family, it not by husband or step-children, not about my mom. you can choose not to answer the press questions, but "lost. i lost my race because i did not want to bring my family in it. when you run for public office your whole family runs for public office. >> particularly when you are running for president of the united states. it's ludicrous to think you don't have to answer questions about how her husband is trying to do something. if he was the first husband, first ladies had platform whether it's reading or michelle
4:48 pm
obama is doing. >> the other thing, it's laughable. >> she gets up there winning the primary, he will be on the campaign trail with her. she he will be asked about all this stuff. she has to come out with an answer that is going to appease people. >> fannie mae and freddie mac, running for office if you are going to back the program that advance had your personal wealth you have to answer. >> you can't buy a home without government help. >> i'm kind of confused. >> he clearly had the resources, again i think you look at things like clarence thomas, these programs and you say. >> you advance by a federal program you get there to the top you want to get rid of it, that is a problem.
4:49 pm
>> a friend of mine who is a friend of press corps, if you want to be president, decide at age five and run your life accordingly. [ laughter ] >> you are on stage. >> heather: thank you. controversy surrounding and famous actress. julia roberts. was he is looking a little too pretty. that is coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ i switched to a complete multivitamin with more. only one a day women's 50+ advantage has ginkgo for memory and concentration, plus support for bone and breast health. a great addition to my routine. [ female announcer ] one a day women's. dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic center recommends the custom-fit orthotic that's best for your tired feet. foot-care scientists are behind it. you'll get all-day relief.
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>> heather: a bill to ban kids in restaurants but parents are
4:53 pm
already protesting where they can or cannot spend their money just because they have kids. back is our panel. thanks for sticking around. we talked about this last week, a restaurant in pennsylvania had banned children from being able to come in with their parents. getting mixed reviews but at this point, apparently a lot more people are in favor than against. >> i'm in favor. if you go to a high end restaurant, you have a crying baby-sitting behind you. it's horrible. you are having a romantic dinner it's not romantic anymore. >> it's not just about crying babies but the parents don't have any interest in disciplining. they ask if it's okay with doing things. >> a psychiatrist that childhood
4:54 pm
was a prison of 21 years. i believe that restaurant can say. we will allow children if they are respectful and behave problemly. we used to go to restaurants when we were kids but we were well behaved. but a restaurant to ban kids, no. >> kids running up and down. >> parents think it's cute. we don't. >> to put things into play where obviously kids aren't welcomed but make eight specific rule. perhaps you don't have high chairs or whatever those are called. >> we welcome children if they are well behaved. these are the rules. they stay in the seat. they don't scream. >> left up to the individual employees whether or not they are behaving correctly?
4:55 pm
>> they have dress codes. >> i don't think it would be too complicated. when parents are able to get their children into a little bit better behaved. >> you have 30 restaurants that are high end restaurants and then you have a family restaurant and that is where kids belong. >> heather: fast food community after a shock, a major ad campaign banned because the images have been altered. thousand because it's exaggerated versions of reality. so should the new ads take a cue. should the u.s.. these women that appear very beautiful but it can cause young women have eating disorders. >> and american medical association agrees with you. we have a health crisis in this country with young women who are whether it's bulemia or anorexia
4:56 pm
who has no images of healthy representations of what women should look like. i am a freedom of the press person and i just can't believe we're going to say there is no authorization. >> but it hurts women who are dating because men.... >> just like we have ideas how you can market cigarette smoke to go people. what they often do they pull in the executives and we want a code of conduct. >> heather: thank you so much for joining us our power panel and the debate continues on capitol hill. we'll have more on the debt crisis coming up.
4:57 pm
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5:00 pm
>> heather: the job is not over, but there are signs of progress in washington. remarkably as the nation rolls toward tuesday's deadline to raise the debt ceiling. republican leaders now expressing confidence both sides will reach an agreement very soon. hello, i'm heather childers. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. glad you're with us. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. the news from republicans in washington likely coming as a relief to many americans like these folks in the president's hometown of chicago.
5:01 pm
>> we are sick of this, but we are listening and we're waiting for monday night, tuesday. >> i'm an independent, i think they're both trying to stick to their guns too much instead of cooperating and doing the right thing. >> president obama said have a balanced approach. raise taxes and lower spending. >> i want them to come together and make it happen. they're going to harm the whole country for fighting. >> gregg: our chief congressional correspondent, mike emmanuel is live on capitol hill with the very latest. mike, what do you hear? >> fascinating change in tone. about an hour ago we heard from the senate republican leader and the speaker of the house, i should also note at this hour, the two democratic leaders of congress, nancy pelosi in the house and harry reid in the senate, are at the white house meeting with the president talking about the way forward, perhaps talking about what is acceptable on the democratic side. bottom line, we got a definite change in tone from senator mitch mcconnell. take a listen. >> i've spoken to both the
5:02 pm
president and the vice president within the last hour. we are now fully engaged, the speaker and i with the one person in america out of 307 million people who can sign a bill into law, i'm confident and optimistic that we're going to get an agreement in the very near future. >> so that is certainly a strong change in tone, if you will, because a little earlier this afternoon, we had senator reid and senator mcconnell kind of duking it out on the senate floor over the way forward from here. but privately i heard from senator mcconnell's aides that they wanted the president to be engaged. they want to know what was acceptable to him, what he would sign, and it appears after a phone call with the president and the vice president, the republican leaders of congress are feeling quite confident. gregg? >> heather: it's heather. although speaker boehner fought hard to pass his own plan that was killed by the senate, what is his take on where things stand now?
5:03 pm
>> it's interesting, we kind of had a food fight back and forth between republicans and democrats, heather, on the house floor a short time ago when they took up the content of senator harry reid's debt plan. but then a short time later, the speaker came out and talked and here was his take. >> senator mcconnell and i are both confident that we're going to be able to come to some agreement with the white house and end this impasse. >> so it appears with the clock ticking, we're heading toward that tuesday deadline, all indications are the political posturing may be over or about over and perhaps we're going to hear the details of a deal pretty soon. >> heather: thank you very much, mike emmanuel reporting for us from d.c thank you. >> gregg: for more on the debt debate, let's bring in republican congressman john campbell of california. he's a member of the house budget committee. congressman, good to see you. what do you make of what mike emmanuel was just reporting moments ago, senator mcconnell's change of tone, if
5:04 pm
you will, is there a deal that's imminent? >> well, i think they are close. when you look at the reid plan and the boehner plan, they're actually a reasonable number of things that are similar. i think the big issue left -- there is a lot of smaller issues that i think can easily be overcome. the big issue left, the boehner plan only extends the debt limit 900 billion which will take us to the end of the year, the reid plan goes through the end of the election, which is what the president wants. i think the middle ground there is that you extend it for 900 billion, but then there is a trigger to get the additional 1.4, 1.5 trillion, whatever, to take it to the end of 2012. i think the debate now -- the negotiations are centered on what is that trigger and what should it be and how does that trigger work? that's where it is and i think essentially that's why they believe it's resolvable because i think the issues are very narrow right now. >> gregg: whether it's the boehner plan, the reid plan, or
5:05 pm
a mix of the two, aren't you and your fellow republicans getting most of what you wanted, spending cuts and no revenue increases? remember the president said any deal, absolutely has to have tax hikes, revenue increases, and now that would appear to be off the table. aren't you guys coming out of this thing winners? >> i wouldn't say that. i'd say it's a compromise and that that's what it is. yes, we are getting some spending reduction, but they're not a lot. there is not a large number of them. we haven't touched entitlements at all. and everybody on both sides of this debate know that until we reform the spinements, he -- intelligencements, we can not fix our debt problems. we also avoided dealing with the entitlements. we can't continue to avoid that for very long. at some point we're going to have to deal with those and reform those 'cause we can't fix the problem without it.
5:06 pm
>> gregg: look, if raising taxes hurts the economy and that's been your argument, isn't cutting the budget also bad for the same reason; it removes money from the marketplace and jobs could be lost in a down economy? >> that's a different economic view of things. i actually don't think that cutting federal spending will hurt the economy overall if we're generally making progress towards a balanced budget. and frankly, that's what i'd like to see. >> gregg: you're not going to lose job, federal jobs won't be lost, state workers won't lose their jobs because the federal income for the states will be eliminated? >> sure, gregg. you lose some federal and state jobs, but you'll make up with it in the private sector. in the end, the private sector is the segment of the economy that has to drive job growth. and we've got to get out from under this burden of debt and deficit and not increase their taxes so that we can get the private sector moving again. one thing when this whole trigger thing, i hope we look at
5:07 pm
a balanced budget amendment. one in 1995 failed by one vote in the senate. now i think conditions are different. people understand we need to get to a balanced budget. if we have a clean one that doesn't favor tax increases or spending cuts, but simply says the federal government in times when we're not at war, ought to balance its books, i think that would be a huge thing towards solving this problem in the future and also towards giving some confidence to the markets that we are going to get our arms around this thing. >> gregg: the disapproval rating of your party, republican party, now stands at 60% and the latest public policy polling data finds that americans are inclined to blame congressional republicans more than president obama for this mess. 46% to 35%. why is that? >> i think that the president has been successful, frankly, in messaging that somehow we didn't compromise and we're going to --
5:08 pm
weren't going to compromise and weren't going to make a compromise and it's patently not true. the bill we passed out of the house yesterday was a huge compromise. that's why we couldn't get all republicans on board, because we gave up -- no there weren't tax increase, but we gave up a lot of spending reductions that we wanted. we didn't have the firm balanced budget amendment in there. we didn't have spending caps in there. we didn't have a super majority -- there is a whole bunch of things we gave up on in that bill. so i think the president has been successful in messaging this. unfortunately, that's all the president seems to be good at is giving a message. he's not very good at working in these negotiations and actually i don't think creating jobs or running the country at this point. >> gregg: what if these spending cuts are perceived to be, over time, nothing more than fictitious and phony as many republicans had planned. what if a lot of senator reid's baseline war reductions actually come into play here, isn't this
5:09 pm
just a charade and all you're doing is increasing the debt limit? >> there is no question that the spending cuts that are several years out are much fuzzier than the ones that are one or two years out. those are going to happen. the other ones may or may not happen, but, gregg, this debt limit we're dealing with is an artificial debt limit, statutory liberty limit. there's a real debt limit out there. that's when the markets won't buy our debt anymore, when we become like griese or portugal -- greece or portugal. most experts believe we're three or four years away from that. we need a lot more reform than what we'll wind up in the next couple of days. we'll have to solve it before we ever get five years out or six years out or we'll have a much bigger problem on our hands. we're still in the first inning of fixing our debt and deficit here and frankly, i don't
5:10 pm
like -- i'm sure i'm not going to be very excited, i don't know whether i'll vote for it or not, about whatever compromise comes out here, but we need to immediately get to work on tax reform, entitlement reform, and other things that can get our hands around this debt and deficit going forward. >> gregg: you've been a fiscal hawk. thank you for taking the time to speak with us. orange county, california congressman, thank you very much. >> heather: let's break down into plain terms what congress is doing with the debt debate. pretend you have a credit card, it's almost maxed out. next month you will not have enough cash to pay your bills. there isn't enough room on your credit card to cover expenses. so just like you would, call your credit card company for a credit line increase, congress is looking to raise the u.s. debt ceiling. >> the awol u.s. army soldier plotting an attack on fort hood
5:11 pm
is being held following an outburst in a courtroom. he refused to stand for the judge as he was formally charged for having an illegal firearm. and when he was later led out of the courtroom, he shouted, quote, nidal malik hasan fort hood 2009. hasan is the suspect accused of killing 13 people in a 2009 attack at the texas army post. >> heather: terror suspect anders behring breivik reportedly boast to go police about other places that he planned to attack. revealing his hit list during a ten-hour interrogation. honoreway tabloid claiming they included the royal palace and headquarters. he admitted to a shooting rampage that claimed 77 lives. he asked them how many people he killed and he showed no emotion after he was told.
5:12 pm
>> gregg: tropical storm don making landfall in drought strucking southern texas, but its impact was underwhelming. >> thought we were going to get a bunch of rain 'cause we're so dry down here. it disappeared. once again, we're still dry and no wind. there was supposed to be 50 mile-an-hour winds and there is nothing. >> gregg: didn't happen. the area did get some rain, but it was surprisingly brief and nowhere near enough to make a dent in the exceptional drought that baked the state for months. casey stegall is live in corpus christi. hi, casey. >> we got a little drizzle here in corpus christi yesterday as the outer bands of the storm started to reach us. but tropical storm don was predicted to pack 50 mile-an-hour winds and dump as much as five inches of rain on parts of texas. but it turned out to be a total dud. it essentially broke apart and lost a tremendous amount of steam as it came ashore here in
5:13 pm
texas last night. in fact, it only sprinkled in most areas less than an inch of rainfalling, leaving farmers and residents of the lone star state highly disappointed, who were actually embracing don with open arms because texas is currently experiencing the worst drought on record. no rain and scorching temperatures have crippled this region. farmers have lost 30% or more of their crops this year. >> west texas, south texas, all around us is just devastated. that's been going on for a while. it's catching up with us now. >> more than 90% of the state considered to be under excessive drought conditions and rainfall totals are about eight inches below average so far this year. there is another tropical depression that is sort of brewing in the atlantic and folks in this state certainly have their eyes on that. it sounds unusual, but they're
5:14 pm
actually hoping it comes their way to provide them with some much needed rain, gregg. >> gregg: beautiful behind you, but of course, that undersells the true story of what's happening there. thanks very much. >> heather: while the storm that hit texas was a dud, another in the northeast was anything but. the powerful system hammering the new york-new jersey area, leaving toppled trees and some flooding in its wake. meteorologist maria molina is in the weather center with more. hi. >> that's right. strong storms raced through the area yesterday evening and actually those are some very fast movers and packed wind gusts over 60 miles per hour. so that's why you see those images out there of all of those damaged trees and power lines. for today, we're expecting strong storms already starting to move across northern portions of the u.s. and we are looking at that threat. the main reason is that we have this big high pressure system
5:15 pm
across central portions of the u.s. that's also responsible for that drought across portions of texas and very hot temperatures here across the plains and the thunderstorms tend to go around this high pressure system. so across four corners, we're continuing to see those thundershowers there and today that severe weatherisk across minnesota and wisconsin, strong storms right now across wisconsin. so heads up if you live out there. current temperatures, take a look at those high, hot temperatures, 99 now in dallas. 92 in kansas city. and memphis right now with a current temperature at 94 degrees. of course, when you factor in the humidity, it feels even hotter. it feels out there like we are in the triple digits. one city in particular, dallas, texas, that has been hit hard with excessive heat over the past several days, 28 days in a row that they've had temperatures over 100 degrees or at 100 degrees and they're currently tied at the third largest 100-degree streak as far as temperatures go. of course, that drought ongoing
5:16 pm
out there. heather, they actually need at least 15 inches of rain to be near normal for this time of year. >> heather: all right. thank you very much, maria molina. >> gregg: can you imagine that? 28 days of over 100-degree temperature? we had it here for like three days and we were all complaining. >> heather: yeah. >> gregg: the poor folks in texas. our hearts go out to them. new numbers showing what taxpayers in florida are shelling out for casey anthony's murder trial. the high profile trial that ended in a not guilty verdict cost almost $700,000! think about that. now various agencies are kind of looking for anthony to pay up for it. a hearing in late august could determine how much, if anything, casey anthony owes the state. the largest bill is actually coming from the orange county sheriff's department, nearly $300,000 there covering the five month investigation that began when caylee was first reported missing. the county clerk spent almost
5:17 pm
$190,000 on that sequestered jury. >> heather: jurors in another big name trial hearing from the defendant for the first time, warren jeff, leader of the nation's largest polygamist sect breaking four days of eye silence. objecting to the 2008 f.b.i. raid on his ranch. it was operated by the church of jesus christ of latter day saints. jeff, representing himself, argues that the raid was illegal and so are the charges against him. he is charged with two counts of sexually assaulting underage girls and fathering a child with one of them. he could face up to 119 years behind bars if convicted. >> gregg: congress is moving dangerously close to the deadline to raise the debt ceiling. still no agreement this hour in washington. how everything, from interest on your credit cards, your mortgage payments could balloon if congress fails to act in time. and wait until you see this huge tribute to a giant of rock'n'roll. rock'n'roll music ♪
5:18 pm
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5:21 pm
>> heather: here are the stories making headlines. two delta airlines jets colliding on the tarmac at chicago's o'hare international airport. the accident causing some minor damage to the jets, delaying both flights. no one was injured. italian prosecutors grilling independent forensic experts that amanda knox's appeals trial. the experts are casting doubt on dna evidence used to convict her of murdering her roommate in
5:22 pm
2007. and chinese leaders now saying that safety remains a priority after a train collision earlier this week. the crash killed 39 people and injured 192 others. >> gregg: the numbers are quite upsetting, 17% of children in this country are overweight. video games are getting plenty of the blame and now a group of dads worried about their young couch potatoes are developing a new video game to get kids playing outdoors. rick leventhal is live with more on that. hi. >> i know you're almost as old as i am, but do you remember that feeling when summer finally arrived and you could run outside and play all day? >> gregg: kick off your shoes and don't put them on 'til september. >> right. apparently kids aren't doing that and doctors are saying that too many of them are packing on pounds. in fact, recent studies showed three in ten kids are overweight and the numbers are rising in part because too many kids are, as you said, couch potatoes, hooked to their video games or
5:23 pm
tv. >> it's pretty alarming when you start to see the what the obesity rates are for kids, when we start to see how little they are actually engaging in active play, it's scary. >> so these three stay at home dads decided to try and do something about it. as they put it, baking the entertainment and exercise experience together and they came up with fun go play where kids use a soccer ball or frisbee type disk to rack up points and use them to unlock special rewards on a web site to enhance their virtual athletic abilities. >> you take the two passions for kids. they like playing games on-line and they like sports. so really all we've done is put the two together and provide them the opportunity to do both separately, but they play off of each other. >> obesity experts say they appreciate the concept here. they say it's important for parents to limit kids' tv and screen time in general and make sure they exercise and this game
5:24 pm
could help accomplish those goals. >> getting them to interact in ways that they're comfortable interacting and incentivizing them to do the things we really want them to do is a great way to sort of disguise that and i think it's really a way to kind of model some of the treatment plans of the future. >> the game makers plan to add a football to the mix this fall. of course, you can always go out and buy a regular football today and just play 'til you get tired because that's what we used to do, right? >> gregg: yeah, whatever happened to the real stuff? >> i don't know. >> gregg: rick leventhal, thanks very much. >> heather: even when they're outside, they have the little video games with them. so it doesn't really count. but adults do that, too. i noticed that in the park, walking around on your cell phone. >> gregg: my parents would say, go outside, don't come back until you get hungry. >> heather: you don't tell your kids that, though, do you? >> gregg: no. i'm very controlling. but they're outdoors, both of them, every single day during the summer time. >> heather: they take after their dad. chuck berry mondayored in a big way. look at this.
5:25 pm
surrounded by family, friends and fans, berry attend ago ceremony dedicating an eight foot bronze statue of him. after a few words from the guest of honor, the crowd started singing his famous johnny b. good. the statue comes a couple weeks after this, a gigantic marilyn monroe was unveiled in chicago earlier this month. >> gregg: you ever seen him in concert? >> heather: no. >> gregg: the man rocks the place. it is so amazing. he's still performing. >> heather: you would expect him to. >> gregg: what a great guy. the push to reach a debt limit compromise starting out badly this morning, but many of the main players involved now say they're quite confidence a deal will get done. we'll have the latest action behind the scenes straight ahead. stick around. [ male announcer ] this is the network. a network of possibilities. excuse me? my grandfather was born in this village.
5:26 pm
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5:29 pm
>> heather: it is the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. former president george w. bush will return to new york city for a ceremony marking ten years since 9-11. president obama and other local leaders also expected to attend. >> gregg: bombing three libyan television satellites in tripoli overnight. no word from libyan officials, but state tv is on the air. >> heather: and the two remaining americans jailed in iran on charges of spying for nearly two years, they could be released soon, according to their lawyer. we're told the muslim world traditionally pardons some prisoners during the holy month of ramadan. >> gregg: the white house making the last minute push to reach a debt limit compromise. president obama meeting with top democratic lawmakers today and reaching out to senate republican leader mitch mcconnell. molly henneberg live at the
5:30 pm
white house with more on that. hi. >> hi, gregg. we have an update for you that the meeting here at the white house between the senate majority leader harry reid and the house minority leader nancy pelosi has ended. the white house that invited them here at 3:30 this afternoon for a face-to-face meeting with the president so he could get an update on negotiations on capitol hill, on the debt ceiling debate. that meeting we're told, ended about 25 minutes ago. so expect that reid and nancy pelosi are heading back to the hill. president obama indicated earlier today in his weekly radio and internet address that they thought an agreement was a possibility. >> the parties are not that far apart here. we're in rough agreement on how much spending to cut and other things. there are plenty of ways out of this mess, but there is very little time. >> the president said the consequences of congress not reaching a deal on increasing the debt ceiling would be, quote, inexcusable and entirely
5:31 pm
self-inflicted by washington. gregg? >> gregg: according to our capitol hill producer, she apparently heard an exchange with senate leader harry reid, reid said, quote, the question is, are we closer to an agreement? the answer is no. all right. that's the latest from the majority leader in the u.s. senate, harry reid. molly henneberg live at the white house, thanks very much. >> heather: well, both sides with the exception apparently right now of harry reid saying they are not that far apart on a deal, but that apparently has just been updated. what hurdles do they need to overcome to bring this crisis to an end? joining us now are doug schoen and brad blakeman, former deputy assistant to president george w. bush. thank you both for joining us. >> thank you. >> heather: once again, let me look at this, what gregg mentioned, what harry reid is saying. the question is, are we closer to an agreement? the answer, no. that's the very latest coming in from our producers there on
5:32 pm
capitol hill. so doug, i'll begin with you, what do you think that means now? >> i think it means we're still two days away. given that the republicans and democrats as the president said, are basically in agreement on spending, that they put aside any issue of raising taxes now, there are a couple of hurdles to get over, which are can we do a one-stage versus a two-stage process, which is what the democrats want? and can we do away with the balanced budget amendment that the republicans are insisting on, which is a nonstarter for the democrats. if we can, i think there can be a quick agreement. >> heather: brad, i got to point out, this really, really shows how fluid this situation is because not even 15 minutes ago i was going to toss to you and say hey, we think we have an agreement. but now that apparently has changed again. so brad, what is your take on this? >> my take is there is going to be a deal, but this is high stakes poker and it's going to go down to as the clock ticks
5:33 pm
down to the very, very last minute. that's a shame. this deal should have been had a long time ago. as a matter of fact, it should have been had when the bipartisan debt commission that the president put together gave us the tough love we needed almost a year ago. the president instead of taking those recommendations and trying to make a deal once and for all, he shelfed it and didn't want to deal with it. so you have two parties coming down, both sides are entrenched, but a deal must be made. it is going to be made. the good news is it's not going to be made, i believe, in a manner that is going to hurt the overall credit rating of the united states and it's going to put us into a situation where in the fall we'll be able to deal with a budget, the 2012 budget, and entitlements, which is the systemic problem of our debt now and in the future. >> heather: the common ground as we understand it right now, doug, is that there is almost a trillion dollars in cuts in both plans, no tax increases in both
5:34 pm
plans, commissions to report cuts in spending, both plans; so what's the holdup? >> the holdup is a couple of things. the republicans have wanted to do it in two stages and to just extend the debt ceiling for three to six months for the democrats is a nonstarter. the other is the whole notion of the balanced budget amendment, which was appended to the republican plan, which is a complete nonstarter for the democrats. so if we can get through those relatively small issues, the balanced budget has nothing to do with the debt, and the two stages as a process issue not a stancetive process, we can do what we need to do and what brad was talking about, which is come to a quick agreement and then get on to entitlements and large scale budgetary reforms. >> heather: why are we at this point already? why is it coming down to the end of the wire, the last second, the last minute to come to an agreement when we're talking about the nation's credit limit,
5:35 pm
you know, losing this triple a credit rating? congressman tonka an hour ago referred to it as an economic calamity if that were to happen? >> i think because we have a president who would rather deal with crisis than prevent crisis. a president is supposed to lead and have a plan. president obama ran on the platform that i have no plan. he wouldn't have been elected. the fact that as a candidate, he had an answer to everything and a plan for everything that ails us, sadly, as president, he doesn't. and his lack of leadership has caused the crisis that we're facing today and that we will continue to face until he rolls up his sleeves and gets engaged in the debate with his own plan and leadership. >> heather: doug, i'll give you the final word here. what do you think will happen next? >> i think we will have an agreement. i would just really caution those at home and those thinking about this to understand that this is not really the time for partisanship, for pointing fingers. we have broad scale problems as
5:36 pm
americans. we're not democrats and republicans. we're all in this fiscal mess together. we have to tackle the budget, unemployment, and long-term financial reform of entitlements so that we can be the strong, great nation that everyone knows we are. >> heather: well said. you know what? i hear both sides saying that, both sides saying we need to reach a compromise, but here we are. we'll see what happens the rest of this weekend. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> gregg: caught on tape, you will not believe what happens next when a man tries to rob this store. oh, yeah. it? but that won't happen with the capital one venture card. you can book any airline anytime. hey, i just said that. after all, isn't traveling hard enough? ow.
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5:40 pm
bit of a problem. giving up, walking out of the store, he made another mistake, removing his mask too soon, giving the camera a clear shot of his face. nice. >> heather: not too smart. a trip to the ballpark mixed with luck chaining one veteran's life for the better and now he has a million reasons to smile. now more from our washington, d.c. affiliate with the story. >> a sweet ride for staff sergeant tim, last time he went to the park here, he rode the metro. the first lady was on hand to honor our armed forces. >> i didn't know it was military night. i didn't even know the first lady was going to be here. >> he bought some scratch off tickets from a vending machine as he and his buddy left the stadium. >> i was scratching it and it was roughly right around in this spot where i saw -- i said, win a million dollars and as soon as i won, i kissed the ground, i was like, hey, i won a million
5:41 pm
dollars. you need to see this. >> you dropped right to the ground. >> i did. >> i was at home, i let him take his buddy out to the game, leave me at home. catch up on relaxing with my dog. >> i called my wife, i sat down because i couldn't really walk at the time. like hey, i won a million dollars. >> it rang, he said, i won a million dollars. not hello, hi. how was the night. i won a million dollars. >> she didn't think he would joke about something like that. tim sent her the picture. that made it real. it also made for a restless night. >> i was up probably every hour for at least a half hour looking at the ticket to make sure it was real. >> he bought a gift for his pal at the game. >> i went over to tiffany's and bought a watch for him to commemorate winning. he was surprised and so was the guy behind the counter when i told him i would take two. >> they're about to close on a house in maryland. >> a month ago, it was hard to see if we could afford a fence for our dog. now we know we can probably help the shelter where we rescued the
5:42 pm
dogs. >> they play the lottery every now and then. >> i think it's 90% luck. >> what's the other 10? >> fate maybe, or a blessing. a mix of all. >> heather: a mix of all of it. that's a great story. >> gregg: tim and emily, good for you guys. >> heather: she wasn't even at the game. >> gregg: i know. >> heather: i would keep checking the card to make sure it was real. that was beth parker from our affiliate doing that report for us. >> gregg: now, congress has until tuesday to raise the debt ceiling or else the united states could default. so what will happen if lawmakers cannot reach an agreement in time? what would be the impact on the average american life? things like credit card rates, home mortgages, blah, blah. bringing in now amelia, ceo of and a and a productions. good to see you. so look, could we see interest rates go up on mortgages, car loans, student loan, even credit
5:43 pm
cards? >> we're going to see it all. i think consumers will end up at the end with all -- the consumer also get hit. we'll get hit with the budget cuts and higher taxes and we're going to get hit with the higher interest rates. it affects the regular average american family that people don't realize that. everybody passes through it. we'll see it in continual higher food prices, at the gas tank, in our mortgages, any time we have to borrow a dollar, it's going to cost us more. >> gregg: speaking of the dollar, talk to us about the value of our currency. that could be hurt. >> big time. if we lose our triple a rating, it's absolutely going to affect every dollar in this chrism there is no way around it. so everything that we need is going to cost us more. you can remember that our country runs -- we borrow 43% in order for us to survive. any household or any business -- if this is a business, our country was a business, borrowing 43% to survive, i'd
5:44 pm
shut it down. it doesn't work. >> gregg: all right. i want to ask you about this 'cause i was talking to a gentleman in a department store two days ago. 86 years old. he really needs his social security check. he's really, really worried about that. the president has sort of suggested that he might have to cut off social security checks. how realistic is that? >> i hate this. i hate the scare tactics that this man continues to do. if you are over 55 years old, you are not impacted by this. it's for the people under 55 who will have a choice in the matter. that's reality. what he's doing is trying to rattle everybody's cage 'cause it continues to confuse the country that makes everybody upset and when you try to make a decision based on fear, everybody loses! >> gregg: i did the math. we get $200 billion in revenue per month. $29 billion is our debt service. and you could also pay social security and medicare and medicaid veterans benefits, as
5:45 pm
well as current armed forces pay and still have $66 billion left over. so to say that social security checks are not going to go out is just not true. >> it's a lie! it's a flat out lie and i wish people would pay attention to this, especially the people who are yea, obama fans. how can you be a fan when he blatantly lies to you? he's trying to scare you because that's how he's making control and power! it's not real. basic math tells you that that's not true, let alone there is things that they can sell that also would bring in money. so it's basic math. >> gregg: yeah. look, $66 billion isn't going to cover all of our financial nondebt obligation, so you'll have to fire people, furlough people, you'll have to be late on all kinds of other payments, but you can pay social security, medicare, medicaid and others. >> absolutely. >> gregg: thank you very much. good to see you. >> heather: we are mondayoring every movement on capitol hill as the fight to deal with our nation's debt goes down to the
5:46 pm
wire. >> gregg: plus, almost 40 years after the watergate scandal brought down a presidency, president nixon's secret 1975 grand jury testimony could soon be released thanks to a federal judge. not everybody thinks it's a good idea, including some people in high places. that's next. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. new citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal. and place it between the earth's crust and my feet and i will bring floor care justice down upon it. oh. please sign that card for carl. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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>> gregg: believe it or not, watergate is back in the headlines. nearly 40 years after that notorious incident, a scandal that brought down a president, richard nixon's own words could soon shed a new light on this chapter in american history. a federal judge ordering the release of richard nixon's 1975 secret grand jury testimony on watergate. but many, including the white
5:50 pm
house, opposing making the transcripts public. joining me now on the telephone is chief washington correspondent and watergate historian, james rosen, who is also author of the terrific book, "the strong man, john mitchell and the secrets of watergate ." also with us, trial attorney rachel self and defense attorney and former prosecutor, marcellus mccray. james, let me start with you. your concern, as i understand it, is that nixon's testimony could be abused or misused by self-interested parties. explain. >> that's right. first of all, ex-president nixon when he gave this testimony to the grand jury in california was assured that it would remain secret in -- forever. and certainly gave his testimony under that understanding. the argument is that the historical importance of the document, which i agree, it would be fascinating to read -- outweighs that concern. my concern is, look, the judge
5:51 pm
who ordered this released, this week, a washington, d.c. federal district judge, cited a precedent and the precedent he cited was the fact that a new york federal district judge some years ago ordered the release of grand jury testimony in the case relating to alger his. >> gregg: whitaker chambers. >> right. but the difference is hiss had also died, both were long dead when the grand jury records were ordered released. richard nixon's chief accuser was john dean. he remains alive and very active in writing and lecturing and talking about watergate, and my opinion, as i documented in my book, the strong man, is that dean, in fact, gave false testimony remittedly during the watergate hearings and trials, and that he continues to use his various forms and books and discussions and appearances to further muddy the waters of the historical record of watergate, therefore, he should not have
5:52 pm
richard nixon's grand jury testimony as playdo for his molding and shaping. if this testimony is to be released some day, it should be after the principal antagonists in the case, and all of the principal figures in the case have passed on, as in the hiss case. >> gregg: i'm going to come back to you in a second. rachel, what about that point? nixon knew his testimony was confidential to the grand jury, was under that very promise that he gave his testimony by releasing it now, isn't that a breach and doesn't that create a chilling effect on future grand jury witnesses? >> it actually doesn't create a chilling effect. the judge went into great detail in this and his decision and in this particular case, what the judge found after a nuance and fact intensive investigation was that this was an exceptional circumstance case with great historical value and that this was not going to have a chilling effect in the future on other people because other people simply are not going to be in this position. this is a once in a lifetime
5:53 pm
example of something that we've never seen before. so he did a very fair, balanced thing, didn't act outside the scope of criminal procedures here, which allowed him to make this decision. >> gregg: yeah. well, marcellus, what about that? i want to put it up on the screen. this is the key to it. the rule of secrecy is codified in the federal rules of criminal procedure. here it is, 6 e, to encourage free and untrammelled disclosures by persons who have information with respect to the commission of crimes. now, look, if this is released, doesn't that discourage future witnesses from coming forward? they'll know it's not truly secret. they may be reluctant to tell the whole truth as a consequence. >> no. it actually doesn't. i think the thing we have to appreciate is, with respect to grand jury secrecy, there have always been exceptions to that secrecy, that are not only embodied in the statute itself,
5:54 pm
which is rule 6 e 3, but also the decisional law that informed the evolution of thought with respect to secrecy. in this decision, the judge actually looked at the special circumstances here and looked at one of the purposes of having grand jury secrecy. you don't want to have a chilling effect on witnesses. you don't want the people who were investigated to destroy evidence or flee or do anything that might have an adverse impact on the proceedings. in these circumstances, the last grand jury to look at anything regarding watergate have long, long, long been disbanded. nor is there any specter of concern with respect to witnesses, most of whom have either died, been investigated, been interviewed, have published materials with respect to this. so essentially you're looking at a situation where the only argument potentially is that the voice, the so-called antagonist, dean, might be someone whose interest you may wish to protect. in this instance, mr. dean has filed a brief where he actually has requested that the information be disclosed. >> gregg: i find that interesting. >> those aren't the circumstances. >> gregg: james, as you point
5:55 pm
out and i recall it vividly, your book does identify in great detail the false testimony and false claims by john dean. maybe nixon's grand jury testimony exposes those claims by dean as false, so wouldn't history and public discourse be better served by forcing john dean to confront that possibility while he's still alive? >> well, but not at the expense of nixon's right to due process, which he enjoyed in his life. and neil young famously saying, even richard nixon has got soul and even richard nixon was expected due process and deserved due process. the exposure of dean's false testimony, of which there is already great literature, will not be disserved by waiting until dean has died for these records to come out as they did in the hiss case. i would say also that your
5:56 pm
guests appear unaware of the fact that as recently as 2002, watergate was the subject of court proceedings, the democratic national committee secretary, whose telephone was wiretapped in the watergate operation, sued j. gordon liddy for defamation. that case went to trial in a federal district court, not once, but twice. i testified in those cases. so the idea that watergate is something that is relegated to ancient history and has no bearing on courts or public controversy in the modern era is false. >> gregg: all right. going to have -- >> the public interest would be served by waiting. >> gregg: interesting debate. i'm afraid we're out of time. i want to say thanks to rachel, marcellus, james, author of the book "john mitchell and the secrets of watergate." thank you all for being with us. >> thanks, gregg. >> heather: thank you. >> gregg: that's going to do it for us. thank you for joining us. we'll see you back here tomorrow. >> heather: rick folbaum, arthel neville are standing by with every breaking development on the debt crisis, as well as a
5:57 pm
developing story about a jumbo jet that crashed with no reported fatalities. stay tuned for that. >> gregg: have a great weekend, everybody. the stronger the rapids, the more we loved it.
5:58 pm
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